October 05, 2000

Naps. Are WONDERFUL! But they really disorient you. I mean, today I took a nap from 4:30 to 7:30 and I woke up...and it was all dark outside, and it's like "MY LORD WHAT DAY IS IT!? WHAT TIME! OH LORDY!" Eh...well it's freaky that's all. I'm always hoping one day I'll wake up and it's snowing. I mean I don't expect that to happen just yet...but...errgh I want my snow dammit!

God something is bothering me, I mean it's not really my problem, it's my friend's problem...she likes this guy who I've determined is a poo head, but she doesn't see it. I hate that, don't you? Why do girls always go for the retarded ones? I mean, I'm a girl...I guess this doesn't apply to me, but really, there must be a shortage of smart, interesting guys (who like BECK, might I add) or something. This world is going to colaspe under the weight of...STUPIDITY! BOOM! SPLAT!

Whoa, I updated my beck site!...whoa, no one cares!....whoa, I'm still talking...uhoh...

Today in school we had to fill out this thing for the guidance office about what careers we think are fun, which ones pay the most moolah, and which ones we'd want to be. It seemed pretty pointless...we were also expected to estimate the salaries and stuff, like WHAT, I don't have the slightest idea what the yearly salary of a zookeeper is! You know? I put down that I wanted to be a musician when I grow up, I think I'll prolly end up lugging my guitar around and sleeping in a ditch though...or on a park bench...hey, I have to keep my options open.

Hey, I haven't gotten any psychological disorder thingoes today I think! GO ME! Yes, you know it's a good day when you don't fall into a pathetic state of depression and think that the only proper way to die is by being eaten alive by 100 piranas. It would be an interesting way to go, don't you think?


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