October 15, 2000

I just went to one of my friend's sweet 16 birthday party. It wasn't too bad, I mean it wasn't a wonderful thing either but it wasn't like I left early or anything. I stayed for the full 4 hours, 7 - 11 PM. Yikes. It was a dance, held in the VFW hall near the middle school. The music wasn't horrible, except there was no BECK, just like the stuff you hear on the top hits radio station. Eh well. I'm not much of a dancer, haven't really done it in three years, but I did dance quite a bit and got real tired...drank lotsa root beer.

Most of the people from the party weren't people I knew, cos my friend invited a lot of friends from her church or something. So..yeah that was awkward at first. I was a bit surprised that she had so many friends..I mean she's depressed a lot in school cos people don't pay attention to her..but god, she's got TONS of friends, she shouldn't complain. I mean, tons more than I've got, and they seemed like pretty close friends. I don't have any extremely close friends here I think. :P Ohh, it just adds to my worthlessness I think...

So anyway...well...no I'm not having a party for my 16th birthday. I don't even KNOW that many people, and then ..nah, it'll be like any other birthday, where the biggest thing I gotta do is remember that I'm one year older. Which is hard for me to do.

And I'm a bit sad about some other things I guess...one more day this weekend...then back to hell...I mean school..yes..that is what I meant...ergh...


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