September 06, 2000

Oh I remembered what it was I was thinking of...

I was wondering exaclty how good of a person I am. What exactly have I contributed to this world? GARBAGE! Yes, I made waste and threw it away to end up in our nation's landfills and into the world's oceans. How sad, if you think about it...but as much as I wish I had done something to the benefit of someone else, I'm just too freakin lazy to do anything! That's sad too. Whoa man, that is quite pathetic. Well. I'll try not to think about it so much...

In fact, being alive isn't all that wonderful. Is it? Is life really such a great gift? I'm not sure. I suppose it's okay...if it's not too cold or hot...

...what the heck am I talkin about?

Okay, I'm thinking. Damn...the horrible sadness I had felt before is gone, which you might think is good, but I needed it so I could write about it. Now I'm sad cos I can't write about what I wanted to write about! And that's a different kind of sadness.


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