September 23, 2000

Not that much bad stuff has been happening lately, so that's good eh? For one thing, today there wasn't any school! But today is already over so only two days of freedom left...and then back to that...PLACE...called SCHOOL...NOOOO!

Yesterday in school, the only thing that really got to me was my computer science class. I mean, I don't know exactly what I'm learning! It's like, the teacher gives us an assignment, like a program to make, and we have to make it...but I don't know HOW! And it's not like I've missed any classes, we use the dittos that we were given to figure it out I guess but I can't seem to find all the information I need in the stuff he gave us. But it seems like everyone else can make the programs okay, so what's wrong with me? Maybe they got a lot of help or something, I didn't ask for any help but it didn't seem as though anyone would want to give me help anyway. I mean, it really made me depressed, I almost cried but I'm pretty good at controlling that I guess, although if I was REALLY good at it I wouldn't have felt like crying in the first place! It's such a stupid thing to cry over, if you think about it, and even if you don't think about it, it IS stupid! Stupidstupidstupid!

So I am no friends with my comp sci class. At least I don't get any homework in that class I suppose.

And right now, no one is online to chat with, errrgh! I hate that. I really do. I'm also trying to figure out which theater "Dancer in the Dark" is playing at, I mean the commercials say it comes out today, and I know it's in NY somewhere and I'm probably going to NY today, soooo! Crap.

God, I'm tired, and I've only been awake for 12 hours, which isn't that long is it? On a school day I'm up for 18-19 hours, although I think I'm much more tired on those days.

Man, why are these Jay Leno shows called "Special Edition" I mean, they're not any more special than the ones that don't take place during the Olympics, except these shows are SHORTER which is nice. I'm not a big fan of Jay, not that I hate him or anything but David Letterman is just so much better!


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